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Downtown Traverse City Monthly Vacation And Work Rentals

Things to know... Do’s and Don'ts, Rules and Regulations


  • No Smoking! Smoke outside and clean up your butts!!!

  • Absolutely no parking or unloading in neighboring condo driveways & parking lots whatsoever!

  • Parking information here

  • The rentals and property shall NOT be used for receptions, parties or the like for any reason.

  • No loud evening activity, this is a family neighborhood, be quiet on the deck at night.

  • Don’t flush stuff you shouldn’t, Tissue Only! we are on a pump system and problems will occur, no kitchen grease either, you will be responsible for very costly repairs from improper disposal.

  • You are required to leave the property in the same general condition as when taken, this includes clean dishes, and garbage put in dumpster. You will be charged for extra cleaning if needed. Leave the home with everything put in its proper place. Home should be left ready for basic cleaning,  linens and to be sanitized. This includes clean dishes in dishwasher.

  • (Required) You must have your own cell phone with working local service for emergency purposes.

  • Make sure all your current trash is in the dumpster Tuesday night for Wednesday pickup

  • Downtown free local hot spots exist for a computer if you have wireless. "Traverse City WiFi" can be reached from these rentals with most computers.

  • Locate the remote controls before you leave, if we have to find them it could cost you.

  • Always close the windows when leaving the house, storms come in even on nice days and you will be responsible for water damage should it occur.

  • Keep the lights down, most lights are on dimmers and keeping them down at night attracts less bugs, this is important, it could take the cleaning service extra time costing you more.

  • Keeping the windows closed during the day and open at night keeps it cooler inside.

  • Don’t take our household items to the beach!

  • A farmers market is open behind Mackinaw Brew Co. Downtown (300 yards away) on Wednesdays and Saturdays mornings - (summer only)

  • Closest store, Oryana Natural foods on Lake St. walking distance or Family Fare food market at the corner of 8th & Rose St. or Toms Food Market corner 14th and Division.

  • BBQ - A gas BBQ is available outside on the patio. Please make sure that the gas is turned to the “OFF” position and gas valve is turned off on the gas tank when not in use. If the tank is out of gas, it can be refilled at Tri-Gas Distributing Co. located at: 1660 Barlow St.. Phone is 946-9011. Or exchanged at propane exchange sites.


Check out is 11am Please be checked out on time! the cleaning crew will be there. A minimum $100 Or More (per hour or any portion thereof) will be charged for late check outs.

Walk To Everything!!!

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